Bay Area Hospitalist Association

Our Services

Bay Area Hospitalist Associates are your partner in the hospital. A BAHA physician will lead your team of providers to ensure you receive high-quality, compassionate and coordinated care throughout your stay. We will work with your primary care provider and specialist physicians so that everyone is informed and in agreement with the treatment plan. Our care will be centered on you.

So what exactly is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a staff physician who specializes in the care of hospitalized patients. With a hospitalist, you'll benefit from personalized attention, and you'll gain peace of mind knowing there is a physician on staff who's familiar with your medical history and care.

Your hospitalist will facilitate your safe discharge by:

  • Sending your primary care doctor a summary of your hospital records and prescribed medications.
  • Prescribing the medications you need to take when you leave the hospital.
  • Arranging any required in-home care.
  • Arranging your next appointment with your primary care doctor.

Following your hospital stay, your primary care doctor will handle prescription refills and provide any additional care you may need.