Bay Area Hospitalist Association

Coordinated Care

The Bay Area Hospitalist Associates Program was designed to help ensure high-quality, coordinated care for patients admitted either through the emergency room or for a stay associated with a surgical procedure. Our team of hospitalists, overseen by a dedicated Medical Director, provides high-touch care oversight for hospital patients and helpful support for primary care physicians and specialists who have limited availability to make rounds. These hospitalists are an integral part of the St. Mary’s team, managing patients’ care for their entire stay and coordinating with primary care physicians, specialists, surgeons, nurses and family members to determine the best outcome possible.

Since our hospitalists are dedicated to the Bay Area, they have ample time to see patients, are well versed in many facilitys‘ protocols and are well acquainted with physicians and staff. Because the hospitalist sees a patient more than once a day and for longer periods of time, he/she is more attuned to changes occurring during the patient’s stay and likely to catch any problems or post-operative complications that might arise. The hospitalist is able to spend time explaining treatments to patients and their family members, ultimately easing anxiety and improving recovery.

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